Month: January 2018

Gold  Vibes CEO  dismisses the stigma around millennials and discusses ways to make them  Into Valuable, Long-term Employees

Gold Vibes CEO Jake McCall wants more people to start ditching the stigma associated with Millennials and view them as valuable, long-term employees. When most people hear the word “Millennial”, an image may pop into their minds of narcissistic or entitled kids. But, Mr. McCall wants more people to try looking at this generation in a different way.  According to…

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Gold Vibes Launches Investigation into how Personality Impacts Success

Sales and marketing agency Gold Vibes believes its success stems from the personalities and enthusiasm of its workforce. The firm has been investigating how its imperative to success that people’s personalities fit with their professions.    Birmingham-based startup firm, Gold Vibes operates in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, providing their clients with a cost-effective marketing solution with a 100% ROI that increases…

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