Month: April 2018

Entrepreneurs sabotaging their projects with stress, claims Jake McCall of Gold Vibes

Managing Director of Gold Vibes and serial entrepreneur Jake McCall has recently been urging entrepreneurs to stop sabotaging their success through unnecessary stress. Phrases such as ‘high-pressure environment’, and ‘entrepreneurship is an incredibly stressful job’, are often thrown about and interchanged, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Entrepreneurs often find ways to sabotage themselves with the…

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Gold Vibes discuss ways fast-growing companies recruit top talent

Direct marketing and sales specialists Gold Vibes are currently seeing a period of steady growth, and the Birmingham based firm has some top tips for similar fast-growing companies to help them recruit the best talent as well. Whether the business is seeking to take on freelancers, full or part-timers finding the very best talent is never an easy feat. Particularly…

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