Month: June 2018

Sports-minded individuals excel in business states Gold Vibes

Gold Vibes, Birmingham’s brightest direct sales and marketing firm have launched an investigation into professionals that possess sports backgrounds, exploring how these developing qualities and skills lend themselves well to a business-focused environment. The firm’s managing director, Jake McCall is passionate about introducing more sports professionals into the world of sales and marketing. The entrepreneur has a sports background himself…

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Gold Vibes explores the Importance of conducting changes to enhance Growth

Birmingham’s outsourced sales and marketing experts, Gold Vibes have recently seen extensive growth and has placed this in part down to a number of changes implemented by Jake McCall, the firm’s Managing Director. As a result, the company has released a statement urging other businesses to consider implementing changes throughout their business model. McCall has implemented such changes in the…

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Gold Vibes responds to Birmingham Start-Up Scene

Gold Vibes are the Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that are considered experts within their field. The business has recently been investigating support for emerging entrepreneurs within their city which has for the fifth year in a row been named the top city for entrepreneurs outside of London.   Over the course of 2017, there were over 12,000 new…

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