Month: July 2018

Gold Vibes responds to Guardian Feature on the link between Sports and Entrepreneurship

Gold Vibes Managing Director, Jake McCall is eager to continue his exploration of the link between individuals with sporting backgrounds and success in entrepreneurial industries such as the sales and marketing sector. The firm has recently seen an influx of brand ambassadors and is eager to continue to diversify their talent pool in the coming months.   In preparation for…

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UK based entrepreneurs are setting huge aspirations declares Gold Vibes

Birmingham-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Gold Vibes have responded to a recent study by EY that reported UK entrepreneurs are eager to grow their revenue by at least 50% over the next twelve months.   UK based entrepreneurs across a vast array of industries have displayed the highest levels of ambition argues Gold Vibes. A recent study conducted by…

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Gold Vibes are seeking to build a new Generation of Brand Ambassadors

Birmingham’s outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Gold Vibes are looking to expand their headquarters within the city with a new generation of brand ambassadors. The business is eager to attract this year’s new University graduates looking to gain experience in a professional industry such as the sales and marketing sector. The firm has recently gone through a company-wide reinvention and…

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