Month: September 2018

‘Competitiveness in Business is our Motivation’ exclaims Gold Vibes

Birmingham’s premier marketing agency, Gold Vibes is effectively run through a drive spurned on by competition. The firm’s managing director, Jake McCall has released a statement on the importance of competition within the industry. “Every individual can succeed in this sector, providing they work hard, have a great attitude towards their career and give it their very best,” declared the…

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Gold Vibes urging Companies not to forget in-person marketing in light of 5G development

As the West Midlands is the first region to receive 5G technology Gold Vibes is eager to ensure brands do not forget the importance of face-to-face interactions in an ever-developing consumer landscape. The UK government has announced plans to introduce 5G into the West Midlands, trialling it across a number of industries before running it out to cover the entirety…

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