Birmingham tops UK Entrepreneurial Cities for Fifth Year Running Declares Gold Vibes

Gold Vibes is the Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing specialists based in the heart of the city. In recent years the firm has seen an influx of new businesses and as such was unsurprised to hear that their local community has once again been named as the most entrepreneurial city outside of London.


For the fifth year running Birmingham has been named the city outside of London with the highest number of startup businesses. In 2017 alone, the city saw 12,108 new enterprises which beat its counterpart Manchester by thousands.


“Birmingham is leading the way with more small businesses being created than any other regional city,” stated the Mayor for West Midlands, Andy Street. Gold Vibes has responded in agreement with the government official, recognising that the city is a beaming inspiration for others, providing a real impression in the UK market, specifically outside of London.


A recent article by Digital Birmingham reported that the flourishing scene in the city can be placed in part down to its affordable office space, access to global markets and world-renowned accelerator schemes.


Gold Vibes has developed its own unique development scheme which is designed to prepare individuals for life as a business owner, enhancing and improving essential skills and networks within the sales and marketing sector.


“Birmingham is full of astounding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, and we want to give them the stepping stone they need to achieve these objectives. We’re eager to see the effect this latest accolade will have upon the startup scene, we’re thrilled to see it go from strength to strength,” stated a spokesperson for Gold Vibes.


Gold Vibes has responded to the recent article on entrepreneurship outside of London, recognising Birmingham as a top city competition in the entrepreneurial landscape. The firm is hopeful this will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to look to Birmingham as a source of great opportunity for driven individuals.



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