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Gold Vibes explores why face-to-face marketing is seeing a resurgence

“Face-to-face marketing is truly becoming the go-to marketing solution in attracting customers from the younger generations, and we believe it’s going through a monumental resurgence,” declares a spokesperson for Gold Vibes. Gold Vibes are the Birmingham-based client acquisition specialists that operate through in-person marketing strategies that create long-lasting and genuine consumer relationships for their clients. As such, the firm has…

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Gold Vibes urging Companies not to forget in-person marketing in light of 5G development

As the West Midlands is the first region to receive 5G technology Gold Vibes is eager to ensure brands do not forget the importance of face-to-face interactions in an ever-developing consumer landscape. The UK government has announced plans to introduce 5G into the West Midlands, trialling it across a number of industries before running it out to cover the entirety…

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