Gold Vibes champions the importance of diversity in business

The importance of embracing a diverse workforce has received far more attention in recent years. Sales and marketing firm Gold Vibes has always championed the importance of having a diverse work pool. Here, the forward-thinking firm highlights how to stay diverse in business.

Diversity, in general, is receiving global attention because of the vast benefits it brings. These benefits are particularly real in the working world, believes sales and marketing firm Gold Vibes. Simply put, diversity equals creativity and this creativity plays into how well a business can progress and innovate. When a company has a diverse workforce, it can celebrate different ideas and new ways of thinking leading to being ready to serve the client and customer base better.

Birmingham-based Gold Vibes supports diversity, and they’ve seen their talent pool grow because of this. The firm state that businesses should avoid recruiting with a strict set of criteria and should instead widen their search and embrace different backgrounds. By taking this approach, a business will be able to attract talented candidates, as well as retain existing workers who want to be part of an exciting and creative company.

“Everyone is different and unique in their own way. Appearances and the ability to perform don’t necessarily come as a package. Every individual can succeed in our industry providing they work hard, have a great attitude towards their career and give it their very best” said Jake McCall, MD of Gold Vibes.

Gold Vibes ensure they stay diverse by:

1 – Keeping an open mind when meeting with potential new contractors. Gold Vibes believe that a company will risk detaching themselves from great candidates if they stick to a shallow search pool. Instead, Gold Vibes enforce that a company should be willing to meet with people they might not necessarily consider at first thought. Within their talent acquisition process, Gold Vibes base decisions on qualities such as work ethic and attitude above education or experience.

2 – Creating a culture of honesty where individuality is encouraged. Gold Vibes encourage individuality within their team and provide a supportive and open company culture to catalyse this. In an industry that thrives on in-person customer interactions, personality goes a long way to enhance this consumer connection.

3 – Hosting regular team-building activities. Gold Vibes utilise the benefits from team-building exercises to help their workforce become a more cohesive group. Every week at Gold Vibes, the MD hosts a team night for networking opportunities and ideas to be bounced around.

4 – Making the workspace a place for ideas to be shared by everyone, no matter what role in the business they play. Gold Vibes has created a culture of sharing and to push for higher levels of creative thinking the firm always encourage individuals to express ideas. Individuals express their creativity during weekly workshops at Gold Vibes HQ.

Gold Vibes can raise brand awareness, boost engagement and improve the customer buying experience for some of the nations most loved and renowned brands.  As a firm that specialises in face-to-face interactions, people are at the heart of their business model and the company urge other businesses that may be struggling with diversity to take note of their advice.



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