Gold Vibes comments on Birmingham Businesses Focus on Wellbeing

Employee well being is the hot topic of the moment with many businesses taking a step in the right direction to ensure such measures are in place to address the subject adequately. Direct sales and marketing experts Gold Vibes have responded to Birmingham’s focus on the subject matter across the city.

Birmingham has recently taken a stance on company wellbeing with a new programme organised by The Combined Authority’s Mental Health Chief, Sean Russell. The programme will trial a system to promote good mental health and wellbeing within the workplace – primarily in high-stress focused environments, a subject close to the heart of Gold Vibes.

The initiative is entitled ‘Thrive At Work’, and is designed to improve levels of absenteeism and presenteeism across the West Midlands. A staggering 4.1 million working days are lost across the region each year due to the struggles of employee wellbeing; a statistic Gold Vibes was shocked to hear.

“Wellbeing is more important in the workplace than ever before, and here at Gold Vibes, we’re pleased to hear that Birmingham is leading the way in tackling this issue. High-pressure roles, such as those in the sales and marketing sector require strong levels of self-care. If individuals are not able to properly look after their mental health, productivity and efficiency are sure to suffer,” declared Jake McCall, Managing Director of Gold Vibes.

Gold Vibes is passionate about providing their contractors with the tools to succeed, inclusive of both professional and personal attributes, recognising that the care of their wellbeing remains essential.

“Birmingham is a hub of creativity and boasts a huge number of entrepreneurs, which we know to be an extremely challenging yet rewarding career option. It’s so important that our city is taking the lead on this subject and I hope other metropolitan areas across the UK will follow its example,” concluded the business owner.

Gold Vibes are the Birmingham based marketing specialists that are continually seeking motivated and driven young professionals to join their community of aspiring entrepreneurs. The firm is eager to expand their reach over the coming months with a number of opportunities becoming available before the end of the year. Gold Vibes can be reached via their website contact form here:


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