Gold Vibes discuss science-backed strategies for building powerful habits

Direct Sales and marketing specialists, Gold Vibes, are urging budding entrepreneurs to build better and more powerful habits, the Birmingham based firm has outlined a series of scientifically backed Strategies that are designed to do just that.  

Achieving goals are often quite hard to do without a new routine and sticking to it, whether it’s wanting to increase your networking circles, wake up earlier or do more exercise you need to implement a strategy in how you are going to achieve that by making it a habit.  

Gold Vibes regularly hold workshops for their staff and contractors designed to help boost motivation and promote new skills. One of their more recent workshops focused on how to build new powerful habits through science:  

Discover what your triggers are: 

A recent study confirmed that there are three steps in a neurological loop that’s at the core of every habit, which is the “Cue” “Routine”, and “Reward”.   

To continuously carry out a particular action on the regular, you’ll need to have a reliable “cue”. For example, if you aim to achieve a task at a certain time of day, set the alarm. Consistent locations can also help. Areas you regularly frequent can often trigger existing bad habits.  

Sometimes its key to use other people, as they can be a major behavioural influence. So surround yourself with like-minded individuals that inspire desired behaviours.  

View goals as an obligation to yourself as opposed to a desire:  

We’re motivated by what we don’t do that what we could do? A recent study highlighted what makes people reach their goals. It described there to be two categories of goals: Prevention goals and promotional goals. The latter are goals that we hope to achieve whereas the former are goals we are afraid not to achieve.  

Work on one habit at a time:  

Even if you are the most determined of people, not having a schedule for carrying out your new habit, you will be far less likely to keep it up if you try to take on too much at a time. Studies have shown that you’ll be far more likely to fail than if you were working on one.  

Don’t confuse your habit with your goal:  

Try not to dwell on what you’re working on in the long term. If you are completing your day-to-day tasks successfully, consider it a win. This is considered to be the routine part of the neurological loop. You can’t expect to see dramatic results to appear in the short-term. For example, you cant expect to run a marathon after a few training sessions. Try to focus on the ritual rather than the result; your desired outcome will follow.  

Gold Vibes was formed to offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their marketing strategies. Based in Birmingham, they can operate campaigns for brands big and small across the UK.  

The firm’s active approach means that we can offer quick to market campaigns that can raise awareness, boost engagement, and improve the overall customer experience through face-to-face interaction. Their methods have been designed to work seamlessly alongside all other departments.  

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