Gold Vibes explore the Three Key Pillars of the Sales Industry

As experts within the direct sales and marketing industry, Gold Vibes has released a statement on the three fundamental elements they believe essential to a productive sales agency, in the hopes other businesses will seek to enhance their own business models in reflection.



Gold Vibes recognises the importance of strong leadership within a business, particularly those individuals that can lead by example. The firm is encouraging other companies to ensure those in roles of responsibility and power can effectively conduct the position at all levels, enhancing their ability to mentor and guide.


“Any businesses success is dependent on the efforts and skills sets of those individuals within it, and that’s why we put such huge levels of focus and development into our contractors. We want them to succeed and be able to forge their own successful companies,” declared Jake McCall Managing Director of Gold Vibes.



Having a set process in place can help to define specific roles, and coaching argues Gold Vibes, the firm is passionate about providing individuals with guidance. The business advises other SMEs to define certain elements of their company processes from how many times they are reaching out to a prospect to identifying what problems they can solve for their customers.



Company culture is an element that is essential within their business model and drives the success of the company declares Gold Vibes. The firm pinpoints how many companies, both in the sales industry and otherwise struggle with this contemporary element of business, but it is one that must be mastered.


“We can’t stress the importance of company culture enough; it is evident in everything from our values to our internal relationships. This is an aspect of a business that you can’t afford not to investigate, it reflects on a multitude of things from retention to talent acquisition,” continued McCall.


Gold Vibes are the Birmingham based direct marketing agency with a wealth of experience in the sector. The firm is excited to share their knowledge on the three fundamental elements of a successful sales company. Gold Vibes’ Managing Director, Jake McCall is passionate about sharing industry insight and has a number of workshops planned in the coming weeks.



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