Gold Vibes explores why face-to-face marketing is seeing a resurgence

“Face-to-face marketing is truly becoming the go-to marketing solution in attracting customers from the younger generations, and we believe it’s going through a monumental resurgence,” declares a spokesperson for Gold Vibes.

Gold Vibes are the Birmingham-based client acquisition specialists that operate through in-person marketing strategies that create long-lasting and genuine consumer relationships for their clients.

As such, the firm has seen massive success through this method of ‘going back to basics’, and the company believes that face-to-face campaigns are the only true method to generating excellent customer service and lasting custom. Subsequently, the business has released a statement on elements they believe to be pivotal to a successful campaign.

Researchers from the Beckham Institute found through studies into neuroscience that a strong handshake can give customers a more favourable impression of others, and actively encourages them to listen more intently. Gold Vibes is proud to encourage their brand ambassadors in lessons of body language and facial expressions helping to engage with consumers successfully.

Genuine and friendly face-to-face interactions with consumers help to stimulate positive word of mouth, which ultimately creates more custom declares Gold Vibes.

“Larger scale marketing campaigns that are unable to operate through personalisation are unlikely to generate the same quality of recommendations we can from informative interactions. After all, you’re much more likely to listen to a recommendation from a friend over a celebrity you’ve never met,” continued the spokesperson.

Events and popups in the public sphere provide brands with the opportunity to get their names and branding out there, in places where they will be seen, talked about, and interacted with. Gold Vibes is passionate about educating their brand ambassadors to become experts in their client’s brands, ensuring that interactions with customers create lasting impressions.

Gold Vibes was initially formed to offer businesses the opportunity to enhance their marketing campaigns. Based in Birmingham, they operate for the nation’s most loved and renowned brands, specialising in face-to-face interactions. The firm is able to raise awareness, boost engagement, and improve consumer experience through the medium of their friendly brand ambassadors.


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