Gold Vibes Launches Investigation into how Personality Impacts Success

Sales and marketing agency Gold Vibes believes its success stems from the personalities and enthusiasm of its workforce. The firm has been investigating how its imperative to success that people’s personalities fit with their professions.   

Birmingham-based startup firm, Gold Vibes operates in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, providing their clients with a cost-effective marketing solution with a 100% ROI that increases their brand awareness and customer acquisitions.  The small business is a big believer in the notion that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it; but that there is a particular kind of person that thrives in the sales environment. Personality traits such as confidence, a willingness to learn, positivity and a curious nature will excel an individual within the industry.  

Research conducted in the Netherlands outlined how a person’s personality dictates their success and chances of progression. The study attempted to decide what jobs could be a good fit for an individual and how it may have an impact on their future opportunities for progress. 

Each job was assessed against the ‘Big Five’ personality traits and how well they matched, e.g. a participant who worked as a bookkeeper required a minimal level of extraversion. The data generated from the study showed that the greater the congruence between a person’s character and the duties of their job, then the more chance there was for progression. The personality traits that were most linked to progression were: extraversion, agreeableness and openness to experiences.  

Sales and marketing firm, Gold Vibes, found the results of this investigation extremely interesting, since they have a culture of progression, and look for individuals with personality traits such as extraversion, agreeableness, and openness to experience.  The individuals who have progressed the furthest and quickest have demonstrated these characteristics.  The competitive sales and marketing industry is suited to extraverts since sales require a high level of confidence. Teamwork is also essential within the industry, making use of an individuals agreeableness and those with an openness to experiences will flourish as they remain open-minded and happy to adapt to changes.  

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