Gold Vibes looks to leadership to accelerate success over remainder of 2018

Birmingham based direct marketing specialists, Gold Vibes are looking to accelerate their success as they enter the run-up to the end of the year. As such, the business has taken a recent stance of enhancing leadership skills.

Gold Vibes are committed to a strong year-end, they will be finishing the foundations for next year’s growth strategy by developing a new leadership team. As an industry leader, the standards are high within the firm, with their business development opportunity, there is a vast possibility for professional development for budding entrepreneurs. Through coaching and guidance, each leader is developing a three-element checklist to keep them on the right path to success. In a recent interview, Gold Vibes Managing Director Jake McCall revealed his secret to success.

Who do we want to attain?

“We don’t focus on how, but instead who we know will be a good fit for our company. We have a unique development program where we know skills can be taught, the right attitude is much harder to influence. We look to address strengths and potential throughout our interviewing process.”

How will we train?

“We are not a traditional firm; we’ve stepped away from boring slideshows and traditional classroom methods. Instead, our interactive training suite is designed to encourage confidence through live training and opportunities to practice lessons before customer contact.”

How will we retain our people?

“We are proud of our team and look to encourage development, spark industry curiosity and provide a platform to map a personal career journey. Our commitment to development is fundamental to retaining our talent.”

The firm are confident their approach to recruitment will continue to provide a solid foundation for the growing company to reach their goals.

The Managing Director Jake McCall was quoted in a recent interview, “Our culture surrounds a developmental environment that supports both personal and professional development. We don’t discriminate against those with limited work experience; instead, we look for individuals who offer high EQ traits. The nature of our work means we need individuals with strong soft skills including communication and ability to develop a rapport in a short space of time.

We will match candidates with our core values, as an ambitious firm, we will be looking for people who want to get ahead in their careers. With frequent opportunities to upskill, we are confident that matching cultural values should be ranked higher than experience as we can coach these skills quickly and easily through workshops.”

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