Gold Vibes providing alternative to traditional career routes

Birmingham-based sales and marketing specialists, Gold Vibes have long championed the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s changing job market, understanding that innovation is the driving force behind industry development.

Managing Director, Jake McCall is keen to discuss how he believes entrepreneurship is an alternative to traditional career routes that more individuals should consider upon leaving full-time education.

‘Entrepreneurs are the people who never give up, they have an idea, and they run with it. That is the ethos here at Gold Vibes. We want to provide individuals with those inclinations the tools to go far, along with the knowledge and skills needed to truly succeed in the sales and marketing sector,’ stated the business owner.

As support for their argument, Gold Vibes have released a statement detailing elements of entrepreneurship that they believe to be the most pivotal and life-affirming when seeking alternatives to monotonous career ladder navigation.

Continued self-development / Gold Vibes argues that while many traditional corporate companies are focused on ticking boxes, they are focused upon the development of their contractors. The firm hosts weekly seminars and workshops designed to provide individuals with knowledge of emerging industry trends, sales techniques and transferable skills.

Uncapped earning potential / Gold Vibes is proud to offer a unique earning structure which allows contractors unlimited earning potential, with no cap. Individuals that put unrivalled effort into their daily tasks are sure to reap the rewards declares the firm.

Continuous challenges / ‘Entrepreneurs are never bored, they never face the ‘Monday-morning dread’, and that’s something we’re proud of. Each day is a new challenge, and professionals with entrepreneurial inclinations are sure to benefit from that,’ continued Mr McCall.

‘Overall, we’re happy to have a hand in creating entrepreneurs in Birmingham. We’re on-hand to monitor their development, provide guidance and catapult their success within our industry,’ concluded the business owner

Gold Vibes creates unique campaigns for brands big and small across the UK. Their active approach means that they can offer quick to market campaigns that can raise awareness, boost engagement, and improve the overall consumer experience through face-to-face interactions.


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