Gold Vibes responds to Guardian Feature on the link between Sports and Entrepreneurship

Gold Vibes Managing Director, Jake McCall is eager to continue his exploration of the link between individuals with sporting backgrounds and success in entrepreneurial industries such as the sales and marketing sector. The firm has recently seen an influx of brand ambassadors and is eager to continue to diversify their talent pool in the coming months.


In preparation for their upcoming search for brand ambassadors, Gold Vibes have launched an investigation and released a statement after a Guardian article explored how a sporting background can lend itself well to the competitive business environment.


Researchers found that almost 70% of female professionals occupying a senior role had participated in sports in their adult life, as opposed to 55% of other female managers. (EY | 2013). Gold Vibes describe how this is a common occurrence across both genders within business and are eager to attract young professionals with experience in competitive sports.


A history in sports has a vast array of benefits ranging from discipline to time management, and can draw many parallels with the world of business argues Gold Vibes. The firm recognises the obvious benefits that come from frequent exercise such as increased energy levels and concentration abilities yet are eager to reference more broad correlation such as an ability to enhance motivation and internal desire to succeed.


“In my years of business, I’ve found that individuals that have experience in sports make the most driven entrepreneurs which often equates to success. Here at Gold Vibes, we are eager to provide the opportunity to those individuals that may not have previous experience in the sales and marketing sector. We’re eager to create future business owners,” stated Jake McCall, Managing Director of Gold Vibes.


Gold Vibes are eager to emphases how a background in competitive sports develops discipline, drive and determination and gives transferring professionals a considerable advantage. Gold Vibes is currently expanding their headquarters based in Birmingham city centre, and as such are looking for a new generation of brand ambassadors.


Any individuals wishing to contact the firm to discuss any upcoming opportunities can reach them via their website at



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