Gold Vibes are seeking to build a new Generation of Brand Ambassadors

Birmingham’s outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Gold Vibes are looking to expand their headquarters within the city with a new generation of brand ambassadors. The business is eager to attract this year’s new University graduates looking to gain experience in a professional industry such as the sales and marketing sector.

The firm has recently gone through a company-wide reinvention and is seeking professional individuals that are not afraid to display vibrancy and excitement for the industry. Gold Vibes is hoping to attract a new generation of brand ambassadors that can boast a results-driven, competitive nature and wish to set aspirational objectives.

In preparation for their upcoming quest for fresh brand ambassadors, the firm has explored elements of the sales and marketing industry they believe act as the most appealing to individuals facing the uncertain UK jobs market.

A varied and challenging working environment is a crucial aspect of life at Gold Vibes, the atmosphere is actively target driven with the frequent opportunity to set one’s own objectives and goals with vast levels of progression.

The sales and marketing sector is one that uniquely boasts an uncapped commission model, providing individuals with enormous opportunities for earnings. Gold Vibes finds this to be a considerable benefit within their sector, often attracting individuals that possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire to prove oneself.

Gold Vibes is a highly customer-focused firm, with a strong desire to create build and maintain such relationships. A role within the business requires multiple skills such as communication, diplomacy and confidence.

“Gold Vibes has recently been through a rejuvenation, and we’re ready to shake up the industry. We’re looking for a new collective of young professional entrepreneurs that are ready to take their first step on their way to success. We’re excited for the coming months and the new contractors that will be coming along for the ride,” stated Jake McCall, Managing Director of Gold Vibes.

Gold Vibes has created an in-house development programme that is centred around their contractors, enhancing their skills and providing guidance within the industry. The firm claims a unique one-to-one mentorship programme that offers individuals guidance and exposure to industry events. Any professionals wishing to discuss opportunities further can contact the firm via their website at




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