Gold Vibes urges parents to teach young children about entrepreneurship

As advocates of entrepreneurship Birmingham based direct marketing and sales firm, Gold Vibes are encouraging parents to teach their young children about the benefits of entrepreneurship.  

In the UK many individuals would love to start their own business but don’t know where to start. The firm is trying to change the way people view being a business owner, they feel by starting to educate the youth of Britain and exposing them to entrepreneurship at a young age there will be a drastic shift in the number of people willing to start out on their own in the years to come.   

The firm believes there are four major benefits of doing so:  

1.) Kids will grow up with a better appreciation of the value of money.  

Particularly with the millennials, latest generation to hit the working world, have been slapped with the stigma that they’re spoilt and don’t have any appreciation for money, and they were born with silver spoons in their mouth. Teaching young children about entrepreneurship will give them stronger respect for money. Kids will believe money grows on trees if you tell them it does, but if you expose them to operations of how a business works, they will learn to know better.  

2.) They will become creative thinkers.  

Setting up a business and trying to grow is not an easy task. There are many bumps in the road and problems that will arise, most of the time only you as the owner can fix them. Many will hide behind the challenge, however, creating an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age and exposing children to the problems, will help them be better suited to finding innovative solutions to problems they might face in the future.  

3.) Have a better work ethic 

Children will ultimately develop a better work ethic when entrepreneurship surrounds them. Being exposed to the working world whether its just menial tasks around the office (such as filing papers or cutting grass) they will develop a keen understanding for the value of hard work when doing it first hand.    

In addition to that, they are going to develop a positive mindset and ethics towards work when they are exposed to real-life business practices. By demonstrating a strong work ethic as a parent, it should rub off on your children. A strong work ethic is often something that is severely lacking in modern culture.  

4.) An increase in people skills  

Some children are fearless, outgoing and driven whereas others can fall on the other side of the spectrum. The benefits of working in a small business or showing them the skills of entrepreneurship are that they’re forced to interact with people they have never met. These interactions are incredibly valuable when it comes to their people skills and can turn them into a better salesperson further on in their life.  

Gold Vibes was formed to offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their marketing strategies. Based in Birmingham, the firm can operate campaigns for brands big and small across the UK. Their active approach means that they can offer quick to market campaigns that can raise awareness, boost engagement, and improve the overall customer experience through face-to-face interaction. The company’s methods have been designed to work seamlessly alongside all other departments. 



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