Implementation of ambitious goals has increased happiness levels at start-up firm Gold Vibes

Exciting Sales and marketing start-up Gold Vibes believe that ambition is a crucial driver in the pursuit of happiness. The firm recently shared how having ambitious goals in place can help people to feel more satisfied with life, and how it is encouraging its workforce to aim higher. 

Having just touched down in Birmingham city centre, the start-up firm, Gold Vibes operates in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, providing their clients with a cost-effective marketing solution with a 100% ROI that increases their brand awareness and customer acquisitions.  The small business is big believers in the notion that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it; and as a result, believe that ambition is a critical driver in the pursuit of happiness and career success. 

Gold Vibes agree with a recent study that found people who set ambitious goals are happier and more fulfilled. The study rolled out by the University of California, made a comparison between people who set ambitious goals to those who set goals that were more conservative. The result indicated that people who set ambitious goals are happier long term than those who chose the conservative goals.  Gold Vibes have commented on the results of the study and highlight that because it is common for people to expect a specific result when they set a goal, a conservative goal will result in a moderate outcome, whereas an ambitious goal with the result in more success.  

Gold Vibes recommend for individuals looking to increase their happiness levels is to set goals focused on personal growth; studies have found that intrinsic goals, e.g. personal relationships, or personal development will result in higher levels of happiness as opposed to extrinsic goals based on money or status. Also, Gold Vibes have released three key components that are required for goals to be happy:  

Autonomy – individuals need to feel that they are in control of their behaviour and goals 

Competence – to be happy, one must have the necessary skills to achieve the goal 

Relatedness – the goal needs to be connected to individual hopes and aspirations 

Gold Vibes have implemented a strategy to increase happiness levels at the firm by encouraging its workforce to aim high and be ambitious.  The start-up is challenging individuals to leave comfort zones and help their advancement by offering mentoring to build confidence and improve the acquisitions of necessary skills. 

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