From the kit to the suit – why Gold Vibes are seeking athletes.

Birmingham’s leading direct sales and marketing agency Gold Vibes are eager to dispel the myth that athletes don’t transition well to business focused roles. The firm believes that former athletes or those with a history in competitive sports are on a fast track to corporate leadership.

In their research, the firm has pinpointed strong characteristics coming from a career or experience in athleticism that lends themselves well to a business-focused environment, and more specifically leadership roles.

An understanding of being imperfectly, perfect – Gold Vibes details the importance of understanding that mistakes are a part of ‘the game’, as failures act as a catalyst for lessons that must be learnt. The firm provides the example of the serial entrepreneur, Richard Branson, who has ultimately had a number of failed ventures, yet never gave up in his quest to set up the hugely successful Virgin Group.

They push others to success – strong business leaders understand that for a team to succeed, every individual must work together in harmony, and play their position well. Gold Vibes has recognised that their most influential leaders are able to identify the specific talents of those within their team and nurture their growth.

They perform well under pressure – the importance of being able to focus in high-pressure situations is never undervalued declares Gold Vibes, and the firm has long noticed this trait amongst athletes and professionals alike. The firm explores the concept of mindset, and how this plays an integral part in elevating those around into similar positive attitudes.

Gold Vibes matches candidates with their core values, as an ambitious firm, they seek people who want to get ahead in their entrepreneurial journeys.  With frequent opportunities to upskill, they are confident that matching values should be ranked higher than experience as they can coach these skills quickly and easily through workshops and seminars.

Any individuals wishing to find out more about current opportunities with Gold Vibes can reach them via their contact form at


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