Sports-minded individuals excel in business states Gold Vibes

Gold Vibes, Birmingham’s brightest direct sales and marketing firm have launched an investigation into professionals that possess sports backgrounds, exploring how these developing qualities and skills lend themselves well to a business-focused environment.

The firm’s managing director, Jake McCall is passionate about introducing more sports professionals into the world of sales and marketing. The entrepreneur has a sports background himself and is eager to display qualities this has developed, exploring their adaptability into a professional working environment.

The business owner has released a statement on ways in which he believes a background in competitive sports has had a direct effect on his success. McCall is hoping that this will incite interest in individuals seeking a new opportunity, urging them to look at the sales and marketing sector as a viable option.

A reward system is a crucial aspect of all competitive sports argues Gold Vibes. The motivation behind achieving success often lies in the eagerness to receive a reward and recognition for hard work. The ultimate prize is given to the individual (or business) that has grown beyond all others, consistently breaks records and receives new and renewed custom.

Although competitive sports often focuses on individuals, it also has a hand in developing strong team working skills. Gold Vibes has a strong passion for developing such aspects of their business, understanding that the motivation behind a team as a whole helps to grow the business. Team dynamics can help to accelerate the success of a project, so developing these skills from previous experience is crucial in business.

A final aspect that Gold Vibes argue competitive sports encourage is the ability to turn failures into gains. Often in sports, failure is looked to as an opportunity to learn and develop, ensuring similar errors are not made a second time, a crucial aspect of business states the firm.

“Competition creates greatness in our industry, I have found that individuals from competition-focused backgrounds often excel where others do not” stated Jake McCall Managing Director of Gold Vibes. The firm is pleased to announce a number of opportunities available this June and is hopeful that aspiring entrepreneurs from sporting backgrounds will consider applying to the company.



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