Team Building is the best investment companies can make, declares Gold Vibes

Birmingham’s fastest growing marketing agency Gold Vibes reflects on a fantastic year and add one final team building event to the calendar, celebrating success with their Hawaiian themed Christmas Party.

This year’s Christmas celebration took place in Birmingham City Centre and saw the team take part in a Hawaiian themed outing, allowing the firm’s workforce the chance to get together to relax, unwind and celebrate the successes of 2018.

A sigh from workers often follows team building event announcements; however, practice makes perfect for Birmingham’ premier marketing agency Gold Vibes. They have hosted hugely successful team building activities throughout 2018, and the event calendar for 2019 is hotly anticipated. 2019 is set to be huge for everyone at Gold Vibes with International travel opportunities, exclusive Award Ceremonies and conferences not to mention more team building outings.

“The success we have experienced in 2018 so far has been astounding; we credit our achievements from our commitment to maintaining a strong team culture. Our management team dedicate a budget each month to running team events. By taking time to spend time together, sharing experience’s or working towards a common goal allows accountability and boosts communication throughout our team. We will continue to organise team exercises and strengthen our team vibes in 2019,” commented a company spokesperson.

Gold Vibes are certain the most effective; memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office. Instead, organisers aim to draw in skill building in a fun and challenging manner. Without realising new skills are developed, and interpersonal relationships are enhanced, streamlining communication within the workplace. Gold Vibes are committed to keeping the excitement going by arranging regular events. Often businesses make the mistake of organising one-time activities, resulting in a loss of impact over time and reducing ROI.

Gold Vibes culture surrounds a developmental environment that supports both personal and professional development. Without discrimination against those with limited work experience, the firm look for individuals who offer high EQ traits. The nature of the work means they need individuals with strong soft skills including communication and ability to develop a rapport in a short space of time.  Anyone looking for a new career in 2019 should reach out to the firm to find out about current opportunities.


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