UK based entrepreneurs are setting huge aspirations declares Gold Vibes

Birmingham-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Gold Vibes have responded to a recent study by EY that reported UK entrepreneurs are eager to grow their revenue by at least 50% over the next twelve months.


UK based entrepreneurs across a vast array of industries have displayed the highest levels of ambition argues Gold Vibes. A recent study conducted by professional services firm, EY reported that 72% of those surveyed detailed a desire to increase their capital by upwards of £5 million over the course of 2018.


The survey was designed to bring together business owners from across The United Kingdom to network in professional circles. The recent event also celebrates the UK economy and the role that many entrepreneurs play in this development.


In reference to the study, Richard Goold, an EY partner commented, “To make our start-ups a British business success, more routes to funding need to be created to ensure that these bright, entrepreneurial businesses are enabled to flourish.”


This is a theory Gold Vibes wholeheartedly supports, understanding that the UK has a substantial entrepreneurial community that requires nurturing, specifically those that have just entered the industry. The business argues that the sales and marketing sector is such an environment that attracts young professionals that are eager to become business owners, and as such the firm’s Managing Director, Jake McCall has designed and implemented a business development programme. Professionals at the firm are coached and exposed to networking events, industry seminars and frequent national road trips.


“I’ve long thought that UK entrepreneurs are amongst the most dynamic, we’re ambitious and driven. Here at Gold Vibes, we aim to nurture that mindset. Our business development program is designed to motivate our aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them support in this uncertain landscape,” declared Jake Mccall, Managing Director of Gold Vibes.


Gold Vibes are the direct sales and marketing experts based in the West Midlands. The business is focused on inspiring others, they have become experts within their field of face-to-face campaigns and place this in part down the skills of their contractors. The company’s Managing Director, Jake McCall is eager to continue the firm’s steady hand in developing future industry leaders over the coming years.



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